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We view our AGAP students as God’s own artwork or “workmanship” that He created so deliberately. 


Have you ever played a musical instrument? Acted in a play? Sung with a choir? Do you have a favorite artist and an interest in becoming an artist yourself?


Anacostia Gracious Arts Program (AGAP) is an after-school program that provides fellowship through arts education for the youth of inner-city Washington, DC.


Come to AGAP! Anacostia Gracious Arts Program (AGAP) meets at First Rock Baptist Church in the Benning Park neighborhood, and at the Southeast White House on Thursdays.  Contact us at for more information.  


To create opportunities for youth to discover and develop artistic talents and leadership skills through the love of Jesus. 


At AGAP, we help students discover and develop their imaginations, creativity, and artistic skills.


Ultimately, and by the grace of God, we believe our students can transform the communities in which they learn and play as they glorify Him with their art.


We hope you'll join us.


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