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Our Mission Statement:

Help youth develop their artistic talents and leadership skills through the love of Jesus. 


AGAP is thankful for the partnership of countless individuals and organizations in and around Washington, DC. The prayers, hours, and dollars contributed have enabled our organization to grow and serve youth and communities that are growing as a result of visual and performing arts.

Recurring donors allow AGAP more stability to create sustained programming for the youth in the program.  Become a recurring or one-time donor by clicking the button here.


AGAP's Core Values:

  • Community
    We believe that AGAP provides a community and a safe place where students, parents, staff, teachers, artists, volunteers, and supporters come together to spur and experience a love of the arts.

  • Empowerment
    We believe in empowering our students, staff, teachers, artists and volunteers to strive for excellence.

  • Compassion and Empathy
    We believe in treating everyone with compassion and empathy.

  • Integrity
    We believe in working with integrity and teaching it to our students.

  • Creativity
    We want to foster creativity through instruction and inspiration.

  • Fruit-bearing
    We want to encourage our students, teachers, volunteers, and staff to “bear fruit” by producing wonderful artwork and loving and serving others.

  • Legacy
    We believe in the importance of instilling a sense legacy and generational view of AGAP, exhibited by our students and volunteers inviting their family and community to be a part of AGAP.


Chris Brigham

Real Estate Development


Vice President

Ernest Clover
DC Real Estate


Frank Coombs

Elementary Education


Tammy Phillips

Executive Director

Pastor Antonio Lowery

Outreach Volunteers

Pastor Patricia McDonald

Margy Quinn

Local Artist

Ms. Deborah Jackson

Housing & Community Development

Christina Marie Chambers

Pastry Chef


Partnering Organizations


First Rock Baptist Church

Southeast White House

Guildfield Baptist Church

Grace DC Church 

DC Dream Center

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